Parker Posey Teaches You How to Accept an Emmy

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There are great Emmy award acceptance speeches, and there are terrible ones. Actress Parker Posey, playing a character named JA,N, or “Just Act, Naturally,” wants to make sure that Emmy nominees have honed the skills they need before their names are called to accept the award.

“The Emmy acceptance speech is the first time you get to show the world who you really are,” one of the “students” in the short says. “Well, not who you really are, but the character that JA,N says you should be. And I like that, because I don’t like me very much. “

She also prepares nominees to lose, recommending a “nodding strategy as the winners’ names are being announced, so when you lose you don’t have egg on your face.”

The video and corresponding Tumblr were created by the Emmys and Audi as a viral marketing campaign to promote the Primetime Emmys, which air on September 23 at 7pm EST.

As the Tumblr states, “You can’t have EMMY without EM-ME!”

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