Parents Watch In Disbelief As Young Daughter Throws Back A Derek Jeter Foul Ball (Video)

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Derek Jeter is set to play his last home game in just three days. Then he will face the Boston Red Sox in Boston on Sunday for his last game ever as a New York Yankee.

So, you can understand these parents’ disappointment when their daughter threw back a foul ball Jeter hit.

The father posed for a few photos before handing off the ball to his daughter. He then watched in complete horror and disbelief as his daughter threw it back on the field.

The story doesn’t end there though. Thankfully, the girl and her parents were eventually reunited with the ball.

But let’s stop for a moment: Why is no one impressed she was able to throw it this far? Hmm, I guess that isn’t the point here.

Watch the video above to see the situation go down in its entirety.

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