Oscar Came To Them On Death’s Door, But You’ll Be Amazed When You See Him Today!

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Oscar was living his own version of hell on Earth.

Scared of humans, the poor dog would spend his days hiding out in an abandoned house, waiting for nightfall so he could begin scavenging for food and water. Slowly starving to death, when people did see him, they ignored the sweet boy. But when a kind rescuer finally got to him, he couldn’t look away.

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After Oscar was given a much-needed checkup by a vet, it was discovered that he was living with a deadly combination of diseases. There was no chance they would give up on him, though…

Learn more about Oscar’s heartbreaking road to recovery below:

Oscar’s drastic before-and-after photos say it all:

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With some love and care, he was a brand-new boy.

He is truly a fighter.

I can’t believe these photos are of the same dog. What an inspiration!

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