On This Stretch Of Highway, You Do Not Hit The Deer. The Deer Hits You

Growing up in the northeast, I was intimately familiar with the terror deer can cause motorists.

From a young age, I knew that drivers had to keep their eyes peeled for any animals that would jump out into the road, and deer were enemy #1. No one wants to accidentally kill an animal, but hitting a deer could also completely total your car. The skittish woodland creatures are totally harmless, but on the road they’re basically brick walls.

Even though hitting a deer in a car is dangerous and devastating, imagine having even less protection. When a group of motorcyclists saw their friend completely wipe out, it took them a few seconds to realize just what had hit him.

Watch as an enormous buck comes out of nowhere and somehow manages to jump over the rest of the drivers.

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Thankfully, it seems like no one was hurt in this hit-and-run. Yikes!

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