‘Officially the worst’: CNN asks if Ebola is ‘the ISIS of biological agents’

We’ve suspected for a while now that CNN has a drunk intern in charge of its maps, graphics and chyrons, and today’s onscreen query trying to position Ebola as “the ISIS of biological agents” set off a national outbreak of facepalming.

It's happening. pic.twitter.com/Gyncw6wPoQ

— Abby Ellis (@abbyc_ellis) October 6, 2014

BOOOOO!!! #shark @Ali_Gharib: Oh jeez, CNN. RT @abbyc_ellis: It's happening. pic.twitter.com/o96NqPuLBc

— UP Pastry Plate (@UPPastryPlate) October 6, 2014

@abbyc_ellis Or is Ebola the #MH17 of biological agents? More at seven.

— Ali Gharib (@Ali_Gharib) October 6, 2014

Christ on a crutch #America! RT“@Ali_Gharib: Oh jeez, CNN. RT @abbyc_ellis: It's happening. pic.twitter.com/a2XBSRT5X4

— Anna Ahronheim (@AAhronheim) October 6, 2014

@abbyc_ellis @jeremyscahill "CNN: The ebola of journalism"

— Chris Petrilli (@petrillic) October 6, 2014

@abbyc_ellis @jeremyscahill ::headdesk:: ::headdesk:: ::headdesk:: ::headdesk:: ::headdesk:: ::headdesk::

— Higgins (@Higgins_J) October 6, 2014

@abbyc_ellis @jeremyscahill <facepalm/>

— Tod Robbins (@todrobbins) October 6, 2014

Fanning the flames of fear mongering… RT“@Ali_Gharib: Oh jeez, CNN. RT @abbyc_ellis: It's happening. pic.twitter.com/JOnCdVSJfZ

— Regina (@regibaby67) October 6, 2014

Whoa @CNN! You tried it. #shame RT @abbyc_ellis: It's happening. pic.twitter.com/YHEQ19sJlX

— j.k. rollin' (@jazzmen_k) October 6, 2014

@abbyc_ellis @jeremyscahill wow. @CNN is officially the worst.

— Ikiré Jones (@IkireJones) October 6, 2014

.@abbyc_ellis Sources now say that Ebola brought that Malaysia Air plane down over the Indian Ocean. @jeremyscahill

— Nicholas Mitchell (@puxxled) October 6, 2014

@abbyc_ellis @AndrewKirell How can we make that pic a think piece on Fox News?

— EducatédHillbilly (@RobProvince) October 6, 2014

@abbyc_ellis @jeremyscahill CNN is a mess.

— Bet Mulligan (@vachonn) October 6, 2014

@abbyc_ellis Oh please. Ebola is not a terrorist organization. But CNN will do anything for clicks and eyeballs.

— Gort (@DrugstorCowboy) October 6, 2014

I CANT. *headdesk* “@abbyc_ellis: It's happening. pic.twitter.com/BFzWdLT70O

— Nicole Battaglia (@SPCBattaglia) October 6, 2014

THIS…………………..IS CNN RT @abbyc_ellis: It's happening. pic.twitter.com/5KsRq5KPOu

— Will Thompson (@thrillis4) October 6, 2014

@abbyc_ellis @bhutton48 Way to go CNN, is it sweeps week?? Or are their ratings in the toilet?

— mmoriana (@maigreym) October 6, 2014

You'd think CNN couldn't shock me anymore. Wrong. “@abbyc_ellis: It's happening. pic.twitter.com/kggw353TZv

— David Schäfer (@dschaefer93) October 6, 2014

My God. The irony. “@abbyc_ellis: It's happening. pic.twitter.com/uqoLjXM9JM

— Dabnis Brickey (@whoismrcox) October 6, 2014

Aw, that's adorable. They're trying to do a journalism. “@abbyc_ellis: It's happening. pic.twitter.com/kJJadUUlhE

— Jonathan Zdziarski (@JZdziarski) October 6, 2014

BOMB EBOLA RT@abbyc_ellis: It's happening. pic.twitter.com/nUz4jsYIzo

— BurritoBrosShits (@BurritoBrosShit) October 6, 2014

I am sure they are speculating about who created the virus as well. RT @abbyc_ellis: It's happening. pic.twitter.com/XgeoC4aORl

— whoisstan (@whoisstan) October 6, 2014

@abbyc_ellis @jeremyscahill Because "The Mother of All…" is so 90s.

— Ziad Fazel (@ZiadFazel) October 6, 2014

"The Most Trusted Name In News" pic.twitter.com/8rI7Q8q20y via @abbyc_ellis

— Solange U (@dcGisenyi) October 6, 2014

@abbyc_ellis I think it’s more like ISIS is the Ebola of terrorist groups

— E-BrantOLA (@brant) October 6, 2014

CNN coins ‘The ISIS of Titles’. “@abbyc_ellis: It's happening. pic.twitter.com/0IV9198JIP

— Bart Hoekstra (@barthoekstra) October 6, 2014

.@abbyc_ellis @saladinahmed That is the dumbest sentence I've read in years.

— BRAAAAAAINS Smawley (@Chef_Lu_Bu) October 6, 2014

@abbyc_ellis @zeldman @CNN I'm sorry, what!?

— Michael Campbell (@campbell_m) October 6, 2014

@abbyc_ellis @Chez_Em was only a matter of time

— Omar Baggili (@OmarBaggili) October 6, 2014

@abbyc_ellis @jeremyscahill oh barf

— Jacob Uluwehi Knecht (@jacobuluwehi) October 6, 2014

Hey buddy, keep those bodily fluids to yourself. What are you, ISIS?

* * *


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