Obama’s Cleveland speech gives the Romney campaign instant ad fodder

Earlier today, both President Obama and his Republican opponent were in Ohio to give dueling speeches on the economy. The challenger drew first blood, while the president gave a speech that was not only panned on MSNBC, but that also provided the perfect sound bite for the Romney campaign to run with in its latest ad:

As America’s economic woes continue — despite the president’s claims — Obama’s 2008 declaration that his presidency would be “a one-term proposition” if he couldn’t fix the economy in four years is proving to be a gift that keeps on giving.

Take Him at his Word. #OneTermProposition http://t.co/2YPaSMuZ

— Scott Snyder (@snydergs) June 14, 2012

Obama: We can't afford to jeopardize the future by repeating the mistakes of the past. #OneTermProposition

— Tommy Schultz (@Tommy_USA) June 14, 2012

"Thats fine…give it to me" http://t.co/C7vGCoiw #OneTermProposition

— Alberto Martinez (@albertemartinez) June 14, 2012

@Lis_Smith which #Obama policy over the past 3 years do you think has helped the middle class? The answer is NONE! #OneTermProposition!

— ThinkingClearly (@alan_reese) June 14, 2012

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