No One Expected This From A 40 YEAR-OLD Woman. It Gave Me Chills, Oh My!

As athletes get older, they are told that they should retire since they are way past their prime.

They are going up against much younger and “fiercer” opponents who are supposedly faster, stronger and better than them. Or so that’s what most people think. In this vidoe, 40 year-old Joe Pavey of Great Britain races for gold while competing against the top athletes in the world. She’s never won a gold medal before and no woman has EVER won a gold especially at the 40 year old mark in this event. You must watch every single second from start to finish. I was amazed.. wow. Just wow.

In life, don’t ever let people tell you what you can or can’t do. As long as you have heart and ambition, you can always reach and conquer your goals. Please SHARE with family and friends!

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