Newtown Board of Education wants armed guards in elementary schools; Piers Morgan silent

Gun grabbers balked when NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre announced an initiative to equip every school with an armed police officer after the deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. How could anyone suggest such a thing?

Well, evidently, the Newtown Board of Education doesn’t find LaPierre’s proposal quite so objectionable, because last night, the board asked for the town’s approval to place one armed full-time police officer in each of Newtown’s four elementary schools.

“Our parents are demanding of us that things are made safe and secure and certain measures are put in place,” Chairwoman Debbie Leidlein said. “So we’re being very thoughtful.”

Thoughtful indeed. In yesterday’s shooting at Price Middle School in Atlanta, the shooter was reportedly disarmed by an armed officer. Imagine that.

#Mediabias wants to scoff at the NRA for proposing more armed resource officers.But reality is parents want them.…

— Chris Jones (@chrisjones_7) February 1, 2013

Atlanta armed school guard detains gunman, & Newtown school board approves armed guards in schools. It’s a good couple of days for #2A

— Leslie Dowd (@LADowd) February 1, 2013

The NRA is right! Exactly what is needed… – Newtown Calls for Armed School Officers…

— John Babinec (@John_Babinec) February 1, 2013

Libs have got some serious spinning to do.

NRA: “Put armed guards in schools.” Leftists: “YOU MONSTERS!” Newtown: “Good idea!” #tcot #p2

— RB (@RBPundit) February 1, 2013

So now that Newtown voted for armed guards in schools, I wonder how much coke is being used in @mmfa offices right now?

— EEÉ (D) (@EEElverhoy) February 1, 2013

And suddenly, Dems stop invoking the grieving residents —> REPORT: Newtown To Ask For Armed Guards In Town’s Schools

— JP (@RileyRebel129) February 1, 2013

@morningmika @joenbc More “crazy.” Newtown school board wants to add armed officers…

— Jay Caruso (@jaycaruso) February 1, 2013

What does Musket Morgan have to say about all this?

Newton’s school board votes for armed school guards. @piersmorgan: care to comment?

— Greg Pollowitz (@GPollowitz) February 1, 2013

@rbpundit 1st Obama signs on to the NRA National School Shield Program, now Newtown. Will @piersmorgan be calling to thank Wayne LaPierre?

— American Prometheus (@daniopp) February 1, 2013

Newtown Calls for Armed School Officers… someone check on Piers Morgan he may has exploded himself!

— RachelWells (@GenRachel) February 1, 2013

Over / under on how much time @piersmorgan spends on the Newtown School Board voting to put armed guards in schools? #tcot

— RB (@RBPundit) February 1, 2013

Hey @piersmorgan – how about asking Newton school board why they “need” armed guards? Then throw in a “How dare you!” just because. #caring

— Brad Thor (@BradThor) February 1, 2013

Speak up, Piers! We can’t hear you.



Newtown, Conn., school superintendent wants armed police in her schools

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