Music Monday: Our First CDs

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Thirty years ago today, Sony released the first consumer compact disc player. Before we could fit our entire music collection in our pockets, we had trays, towers, cases and car seats. Although MP3s have since rendered them practically archaic, CDs were themselves just one more step in the evolution of music. The launch of the CD signaled the decline of cassette and vinyl and a revolution in the world of recording.

But for most of us, music represents more than the technology through which we consume it. The first CD you bought is probably a snapshot of a moment in time. It represented the independence that came with buying your own music and picking out the artist that spoke to you. Your first CD was everything: a status symbol, a declaration of your personality and a private retreat from your daily life. That’s why we want you to send us the songs from your first CD for this week’s Music Monday.

What was your first CD? Let us know below, and we’ll add some of your songs to our playlist. We’ve assembled some of our picks in Spotify playlist, so sit back, put on your headphones and push play.

Here’s how you can share the songs from your first CD with us:

    • Tell us in the comments. Make sure to include the artist and the song so we can be certain to find it.

    • Tweet us your song choice @mashableHQ and use the hashtag #MusicMonday. If you send us a Spotify link, we’ll give it a listen and add some of our favorites

    • To grab a Spotify link, control-click on any song in Spotify and “Copy HTTP link.”

How to Get a Spotify HTTP Link

  • If you’re not a Spotify user, you can still send us a link to wherever the track is hosted, and we’ll do our best to listen.

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