MRW…Ive been on here less then a week.


18 responses to “MRW…Ive been on here less then a week.”

  1. WaitingForAwesome says:

    Do it for Narnia!

  2. jaysong says:

    Give your roommate $501

  3. ImpeachBarackObama says:

    Fuck your roomate in the ass. Have him leave the money on the dresser.

  4. Godfather08088 says:

    Does the Pope shit in the woods? Of course you should!

  5. AkuTheShapeShiftingMasterOfDarkness says:

    FOR AKU!

  6. JamesFrancosPublicist says:

    Get $500 in debt to a Colombian drug lord, then use your winnings to pay off said debt.

  7. brickyard says:

    Suck a dick. and swallow.

  8. GimcrackGewgaw says:

    Top comment will be fuck your roommate in the ass.

  9. Imaunicornz says:

    Tattoo of a Kokapelli.

  10. melrose says:

    I say do it. See what imgur comes up with.

  11. shannonbtweet says:

    The top comment – Send me $500 worth of candy

  12. hooplathesir says:

    Eat the anus end of 6 bananas with the peel on.

  13. ballsniffer says:

    Anal sex with roommate

  14. InCaseofMetaBreakGlass says:

    Say the phrase “Sometimes the internet isn’t terrible” twice, then kick him in the balls.

  15. Flurshy says:

    And make sure you deliver!

  16. Svenni says:

    Nah, lets be “nice” to op, fuck your room mate in the ass with a giant dildo for 5 whole minutes.

  17. Grinka says:

    Doesn’t look like the other suggestions are close to this one. Bite the pillow!

  18. asteconn says:

    Jolly good! Carry on.

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