Monica Wehby Blames Second Plagiarized Health Care Plan On Former Staffer

Oregon Republican Senate candidate Monica Wehby responded Thursday to a BuzzFeed News report that she plagiarized her health care plan from her primary opponent. Wehby explained to Oregon Public Broadcasting that “this is all the same” and had “already been dealt with.”

“I think this is all the same issue,” Wehby said. “It’s already been dealt with and taken care. We’ve already dealt with this as a campaign. This was done by people who are no longer with the campaign.:

BuzzFeed News first reported last month that Wehby’s original health care plan, which was published in a press release in November 2013 and was scrubbed from her website earlier this year, was plagiarized from a survey done for Karl Rove’s group, Crossroads USA, about what voters would respond to on health care.

BuzzFeed News then reported Wehby also plagiarized the health care plan that replaced her previous copied plan. Strangely, the plan copied her her primary opponent Oregon Rep. Jason Conger, whom she criticized throughout the primary on health care.

“We’ve already dealt with this. We’ve already taken the necessary steps to correct the problem,” Wehby said when asked to explain by OPB how it happened twice.

The plagiarized language still remains on Wehby’s website.

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