Mom Hummingbird Feeds Her Baby in Guy’s Hand (Video)

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Casey Winter was feeding a baby hummingbird, found half dead on the ground outside his office building, when he noticed a worried mom hummingbird flying past his window. He opened it up and the mother bird started feeding her baby right away. After a while, she found enough courage to feed it in the palm of Casey Winter‘s hand. Watch the magic moment and read the full story below:

Caseyiswinter writes:

The girl in the office next door found a baby hummingbird half dead on the ground outside our building… I offered to take it and try to feed it since it looked pretty close to flying anyway. So I took him into my office, made him some sugar water, a nest, and named him Pistachio.

I then fed that little bottomless pit about every 20 minutes till the time I went to bed and then all morning after he woke me up at 6.
It seemed like he started peeping for food every 7 minutes ALL MORNING. I was starting to worry that he was not getting enough food and googling emergency baby hummingbird care instead of finishing my spreadsheet which HAD TO BE DONE TODAY.

Then I saw a worried little mother bird flying past my window. I tucked him into his little “nest” and opened my window. After some serious chirping and about 20 minutes, she found her way in and started to feed him right in my window above my desk. She came back every 15-20 minutes for the rest of the day to feed the little bugger. When I was changing his tissue paper in the nest, she came back and fed him right in my hand. I felt so lucky to be able to hold that little bird while his mom did what I couldn’t.

He’s now sleeping in my windowsill with the windows open so his mom can keep feeding him and checking on him. It’s so cool to be able to get to witness something like that right up close in my hectic work day. I hope the little guy makes it because I just bought him and his mom a hummingbird feeder for my office window.

AND I got to finish my spreadsheet while being entertained by this little hummingbird family!

More videos of baby hummingbird Pistachio and his mother in the office:


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