Mom Buys Her Baby A Toy, Then Notices A Symbol On It. THIS Is What The Sickening Symbol Means..

Mother Nicole OKelly and two of her three children were attending the Monster Jam show in Syracuse when her son asked her something she didnt expect, he asked if he could get his 2-year-old little sister a memorable present from the event.

Hed even picked out this cute little stuffed, pink monster truck he thought would be perfect for her and OKelly was just touched. How could you say no to something like that? After they returned home happy as could be, OKellys happiness turned into pure rage and disgust there was a symbol on the toy that actually signifies something dark, and very twisted.
According to her eldest daughter the double heart symbol imprinted on the toy was a signal to pedophiles that the owner was a lover of little girls. Shed originally seen it on an episode of Law and Order: SVU and showed her mother the very same episode to prove it. In the video below she describes the incident and her complete outrage that something like that could even exist let alone that she would purchase it for her children. Her message is that its important for parents across the globe to know these symbols for the safety and protection of their children, and shes right.

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