Mishap for a killer whale trainer

3 responses to “Mishap for a killer whale trainer”

  1. Emilio says:

    ugh, I hate the name “killer whale”.. it’s so misleading! They do not hunt humans! They only kill humans, if they are mistaking them with seals, which happens sometimes when they look at surfboards from underneath! Orca is much better!

  2. Miss Liss says:

    Don’t… know… if… trolling…Misleading, as they’re not whales but dolphins. “Killing” applies to seals too, mate… they hunt other animals and kill ‘em for dinner. And for fun, then leave the corpse behind.Killer Dolphins would work too, see.But my favourite time is when they kill the evil torturers who keep them in pools too shallow to float, and too small to swim in. Number of orca in the wild with drooping dorsal fin: c.1%. In captivity: 100%. I’m no greenie or animal activist, but Seaworld et al SUCK BIG FURRY BALLS.

  3. Josh says:

    Handled it like a champ. Nice.

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