Microsoft’s Sci-Fi Drama Series ‘Humans’ Will Premiere on Xbox

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Humans, a new sci-fi drama series from Microsoft’s Xbox Entertainment Division and Channel 4, is set to premiere in 2015.
Image: Channel 4

Microsoft is stepping deep into Netflix territory with a new sci-fi drama series, set to premiere simultaneously on Xbox in the U.S. and the UK’s Channel 4.

Created in partnership between Microsoft’s Xbox Entertainment Studios and Channel 4, Humans is an adaption of the Swedish series Real Humans (watch the trailer below).

Set in a parallel present, It focuses on a family who buys a “Synth” — a humanoid robot servant that helps around the house with menial tasks such as shopping and washing dishes. This particular one, however, is bought secondhand and harbors a deep, dark secret.

The series will be written by Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley (the writer of Spooks) and produced by Kudos, known for Emmy-award winning The Hour and Broadchurch.

“Humans not only questions personal relationships, we loved how this sci-fi show toys with reality and our connection to technology,” said Xbox Entertainment Studios President Nancy Tellem.

Filming of Humans is set to begin in summer 2014, and the series will premiere in 2015.

Humans is not the first scripted series from Microsoft, who announced the Steven Spielberg-backed Halo TV series in May 2013, but that project is still in development.

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