Metta: I don’t shake substitutes’ hands

When the Lakers take on the Thunder in tonight’s Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals, don’t expect Metta World Peace to be making any sort of amends with James Harden, the victim of his haymaking elbow shot last month.

Harden was diagnosed with a concussion as a result of the blow and World Peace was slapped on the wrist with a seven-game suspension.

World Peace has yet to contact Harden directly and doesn’t plan to even acknowledge the Thunder’s versatile wing player and NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year on the court before Game 1 on Monday.

Some guys clearly just do not get it.!/BamaGentleman/status/202007757208027136

"I don't shake substitutes' hands." -Metta World Peace (Ron Artest). Way to live out your name, buddy #NoOneisTooGoodtobenice

— Corey Willoughby (@coreywilloughby) May 14, 2012

Metta Tru Warier Artest World Peace is a nutjob. Don't be shocked when he catches Harden with another celebratory haymaker.

— C.J.M. (@charles270) May 14, 2012

Hello, my name is Metta World Peace and I'm an alcoholic

— Real Andy (@AndyMilonakis) May 13, 2012

btw, if there's a guy who wont' be affected by game 1's atmosphere, it's metta "i saw a man get stabbed with a table leg" world peace.

— Bomani Jones (@bomani_jones) May 13, 2012

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