Meet The Russian Crooner Who Just Nominated Vladimir Putin For A Nobel Peace Prize

1. On Tuesday, this man, a popular Russian singer named Iosif Kobzon, said he was part of a group that had nominated Vladimir Putin for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Ria Novosti / Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin stands with popular singer Iosif Kobzon at an award ceremony in the Kremlin in Moscow August 29, 2012.

2. Kobzon said Putin “deserves” the prize more than Obama, who won a Nobel in 2009.

Alexander Zemlianichenko / AP

3. Kobzon is kind of like a Russian Frank Sinatra. He’s been belting it out for decades.

4. He’s also been haunted by allegations of links to the Russian mafia. He’s been repeatedly denied a U.S. visa as a result.

5. But he and Putin get along. Kobzon is also a member of the Russian parliament, and Putin’s given him a bunch of prizes.

Pool / Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) presents popular singer Iosif Kobzon with a state medal at an award ceremony in the Kremlin in Moscow August 29, 2012.

6. Now it’s Kobzon’s turn. He told a Moscow press conference that he was a part of a group called “the International Academy of Spiritual Unity and Cooperation of Peoples of the World” that had nominated Putin for the Prize.

Alexander Zemlianichenko / AP

Kobzon told the press conference: “Barack Obama has the title of Nobel Prize winner — the man who initiated and approved such aggressive actions on the part of the United States of America as in Iraq, Afghanistan, some others, and now is preparing for invasion of Syria. I think our president, who is trying to stop the bloodshed, who is trying to help to resolve this conflict situation through a political dialogue, through diplomatic language, deserves this title more.”

7. Some Russians weren’t so into it. “Even if Putin stopped the war in Syria, I think his actions hide everything he is doing in Russia. What peace prize?”

11. Good luck, Mr Putin.

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12. Keep singing, Mr Kobzon.

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