Matt Lauer is not having a Happy Thanksgiving

“Matt Lauer” is a trending topic on Twitter this morning. He’s certainly generating a lot of social media buzz for the holiday. But it’s not for anything good, alas.

The veteran NBC host of the Today Show is anchoring the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade — and aggravating all sorts of viewers. Gershwin fans, for one:

I wish the parade were on every Tuesday on NBC. You’d get to watch Matt Lauer resentfully mispronounce names of Gershwin songs weekly.

— Julie Klausner (@julieklausner) November 22, 2012

Did Matt Lauer really just call S’Wonderful -“S” Wonderful?

— Zina Goldrich (@zinagoldrich) November 22, 2012

That Matt Lauer guy did not correct himself. This Gershwin fan is not happy. He is in Mo’s Bad Book. #’swonderful

— Maureen Nolan (@missmccrocodile) November 22, 2012

Really Matt Lauer? “S. Wonderful” Try “S’Wonderful,” one of the most popular Gershwin songs ever written. Heard of the Gershwins?

— David Eggers (@HWLiving) November 22, 2012

Oh boy. Matt Lauer gets first Buzzer of morning. Dumped the apostrophe from “S’Wonderful” intro’ing “Nice Work If You Can Get It”.

— Kevin Grussing (@KevDGrussing) November 22, 2012

Still laughing hysterically about the fact that Matt Lauer referred to “S’Wonderful” as “S Wonderful”. #lol

— Drew Factor (@dfact1) November 22, 2012

I can’t believe Matt Lauer called this song “S” Wonderful. 😛

— Suzannah DiMarzio (@zannaland) November 22, 2012

“S Wonderful” Really, Matt Lauer? Ninny. #ThanksgivingDayParade

— David Gordon (@MrDavidGordon) November 22, 2012

Gotta love the “real journalists!”

Matt Lauer’s enunciation of ‘S Wonderful makes it clear that he is totally devoid of funk.

— Mark Campbell (@MrWordsWorth) November 22, 2012

Many more viewers used Twitter to vent about their general, anti-Lauer peeves:

God, I hate Matt Lauer.

— Sansa Stark (@juicyfizz) November 22, 2012

Oh my god. Matt Lauer you DUMB.

— girlatlas (@girlatlas) November 22, 2012

The parade commentary would be exponentially better without Matt Lauer.

— Laura Esposito (@Laura_Esposito) November 22, 2012

Why is there so much more footage of Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie than the actual parade? #LAME

— Cogito Ante Sum (@x_Dave_Lister_x) November 22, 2012

Is it possible to get the parade sans Matt Lauer?

— zarfmeister (@the_zarf) November 22, 2012

This Macy’s day parade is all kinds of bad right now, from Matt Lauer to Jillian michaels

— Carly Swanson (@CarlySamsonite) November 22, 2012

It’s the Macy Thanksgiving Parade or I wouldn’t watch..Almost can’t stand the Today show any more thanks to Matt Lauer.. I miss @anncurry

— Timothy Ballard (@beconsaw) November 22, 2012

Matt lauer is look old #macysdayparade

— Bethany Mayberry (@BethanyNoel89) November 22, 2012

As the years go by, it will probably look more and more like Matt Lauer is hosting this parade with his granddaughter.

— Noah Smith (@smithnoah) November 22, 2012

Best part of the parade is Matt Lauer trying to understand things. #ThanksgivingParade

— Joey Cohn (@JoeyBasically) November 22, 2012

More bad news: People are talking about new rumors that Lauer and his notorious ego are about to get the axe.

Will this be Matt Lauer’s last year to host the Thanksgiving Day Parade?Rumors around he’s about to be axed from The Today Show.

— Linda Franklin (@realcougarwoman) November 22, 2012

Lauer set to get the ax from TODAY?

— DRUDGE REPORT (@DRUDGE_REPORT) November 22, 2012

Arrogant Matt’s karma.Lauer set to get the axe from Today after ratings free-fall. .

— Anton Olff (@AntonOlff) November 22, 2012

After repeatedly clashing with co-anchors and overseeing plummeting ratings, the Today show’s Matt Lauer is reportedly being given the boot.

The long-time host, who earns a staggering $21.5 million a year, is being blamed for the NBC morning show’s dismal performance over the past three months and sources claim ratings will only improve if he is replaced…’It’s just desserts. Matt is finally getting what he deserves!’ a Studio 1-A set insider told The Enquirer.

We bet a lot of Lauer’s old colleagues, still walking around with his knives in their backs, will be singing “‘S Wonderful:”

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