Man Who’s Had Sex With 700 Cars Talks About The Night It Started (Video)

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There are people out there who are perfectly happy going through life only having sex in the missionary position under the covers with the lights out. Most people, however, find something that excites them a little bit more.

When Edward Smith was 14 years old, he discovered one thing in particular that piqued his interest unlike anything else: cars.

Smith recently appeared on “This Morning,” a British talk show, where he described the first time he discovered the thing that really turned him on.

After a late-night experience with an automobile “woke something up inside” him, Smith somehow figured out a way to have sex with the vehicle — an act that he’s repeated with 700 different makes and models.

In an interview with The Mirror last year, Smith noted that he was in a long-term relationship with a VW Beetle he bought in 1982, although he had a number of side cars he could turn to when he was in the mood for something different.

If you’re curious about the exact logistics, feel free to look up the answer and let me know what you find. There are certain things I don’t want in my search history.

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