Man Tickles Grizzly Cub’s Feet

In Bozeman, Montana you’ll find one brave man by the name of Casey Anderson. Casey founded and runs the Montana Grizzly Encounter, a sanctuary for orphaned bears, or those coming out of captivity who need a home. These bears can not be released into the wild, as they lack many important survival skills necessary to make it without human care.

Casey is a wildlife naturalist and hosts America the Wild with Casey Anderson and Expedition Wild for Nat Geo WILD. He has been rescuing grizzly bears since 2002, when he saved a bear he calls Brutus. Casey not only cares for the bears at his sanctuary, but he works to educate them, too. That’s right, he teaches bears! 

In our video we meet a cute orphaned cub named Bella. She was rescued from Alaska when she was found alone and no one knew what had become of her mother. Without her mother, Bella would have died in that harsh environment.

We are treated to Casey tickling Bella’s feet. It seems a game, but he is also helping her learn boundaries and to keep her distance. Important skills not only for Casey to pass on, as his wards could easily harm him if they wanted to do so, but also for Bella to learn for the same reasons. One day she will be a large grizzly and need to judge whether to avoid or approach other bears in the sanctuary. It’s good to know there are people willing to watch after even our most feared wildlife when they are endangered.

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