Man surprises and comforts his grieving girlfriend with a tiny pug pup

3 responses to “Man surprises and comforts his grieving girlfriend with a tiny pug pup”

  1. Moop says:

    I really hope they adopted this dog. People, learn how important adopting is.

  2. Thraxan says:

    I have to agree, I had a Jack Russell since I was born, he lived for 19 years! When he died I did not want another dog, I loved that guy. He was my best friend but also like a grandpa looking out for me lol. What the guy did is sweet but if it is for a short time then yeah take comfort in the lil pup. Though if he bought if just for replacing the old dog… meh. Btw I believe what I said is true since she says “Where did you find him?” would means that it is not his dog.

  3. SCorrell says:

    I dunno… It’s a sweet sentiment, but I feel its kind of a band aid fix… I have a dog I love with my heart and soul, when he passes, Im going to mourn for a while, if anybody tried to give me a replacement, I would find it insulting… Nothing could ever replace what my dog and I have together… The actions of the guy in the video are sincere and her reaction is heart wrenching, but fellow dog owners… Am I alone when I say that the grief of losing my best friend could never be made better by immediately replacing him or her?

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