Major celebrities calling in to Frasier’s radio show

Many of the poor folks who called Frasier’s radio show for help were voiced by bigtime celebrities…

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One response to “Major celebrities calling in to Frasier’s radio show”

  1. Matt says:

    I’d love for Woody Allen to call in.“Hello Dr. Crane. I was told that you might help me, I’ve been thinking about death lately. A lot. I-It seems like it’s just out there waiting for me. I mean wha-what’s the point anymore? You’re fit, you’re young. What are you in your forties? Look at me, I’m old. I take hour-long hot baths and my skin is just as wrinkly when I get in as when I get out of the bath. I really can’t die. My doctor says I have a very low threshold of death. “Can you help me doc?”

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