Link25 (090) – The Dog VS Magic Edition

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For those of you that are new around here, on Fridays we bring you 25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos from all over the web in a list we refer to as “Link25″. This week, you’ll find everything from hair raising close calls caught on video to the hilarious reactions of dogs exposed to magic tricks, so get ready because this is Link25 (090) – The Dog VS Magic Edition.


23. Such a horrid prank…I LOVE IT!

22. Instagram, I want to see your #presexselfies

Article by: Samantha Allen The #aftersexselfie is taking Instagram by storm. If you load up that hashtag, you can scroll through dozens of photos of people languorously strewn across comforters soaking in the […]




18. He’ll kick it…eventually

17. Almost Everything in NYC Depends On Mass Transit

Image souce: On any given Saturday night around midnight, New York City is on full display beneath the streets inside the bi-level concrete and steel subway platforms at the West 4th Street- Washington Square station. Opened in 1932 it’s basically […]



14. Picture of the Day: The Ancient Windmills of Kinderdijk

Photograph by DAVID KNOPFLER Kinderdijk is a village in the Netherlands, in the province South Holland, about 15 km east of Rotterdam. The village is situated in a polder (a low-lying tract of land enclosed by dikes), at the confluence of the Lek and Noord rivers. To drain […]


12. James Franco connected with a teenage fan on Instagram—and then some interesting DMs surfaced

Here’s a friendly reminder to celebrities with social media accounts: It’s really easy to screenshot what you post.
Actor and New York Times selfie columnist James Franco’s Instagram bio reads […]

11. 40 Of The Cutest Bulldog Pictures Ever

Bulldogs: they’re floppy, they’re friendly, and they are […]


9. The Eerie Face Of Bokor Church, Cambodia

Bokor Hill is known as the last Khmer Rouge stronghold, and it was here where […]

8. This is the Simplest, Most Effective Thing You Can Do to be Happier

Image by Kara Allyson As a human race, we’ve come far from our beginnings several thousand years ago. We’ve explored space (both inner and outer), carved out a comfortable existence for ourselves and come closer to […]


6. Close call compilation

This is how you know you were meant to be alive.

5. Friday Haiku: Nemo ‘Scuse me, thin green guy
Have you seen my son Nemo
He was in a film

4. How a Donkey and an Elephant Came to Represent Democrats and Republicans

The donkey is stereotypically bumbling, slow, and stubborn; the elephant- big and clumsy. Being compared to one of these animals is not exactly flattering in this sense. Yet, for well over a century, they have been […]

3. Here is a good man

2. 6 Gorgeous Train Stations From Around The World

Clink on the image to see the rest.

1. Top 10 Weird People Pics (10 Photos)

Click on the image to see the rest.

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