Lil Jon And Other Celebrities Urge You To Vote In “Turn Out For What”



Apparently Lil' Jon gives a shit about voting and democracy. He rewrote “Turn Down for What” to “Turn Out for What”, as in the Rock the Vote Campaign. His new rap is all about how important it is for people to vote in the November elections. Now obvi, betches don't keep up with the news, but this video is hilarious and kind of makes me want to vote – mostly because Lil Jon's new song makes it seem like a frat party.

For some random reason, Whoopie Goldberg is Lil Jon's aunt. This is a plot choice that's never explained, but I guess I'll roll with it. They make fun of the white nice boy – same tho – by having him do the most uncomfortable a cappella, spoken-word version of “Get Low.” Lena Dunham shows up in a romper that is too small for her and looks like a baby's onesie. She also shamelessly plugs the fourth season of Girls. Seriously, this is possibly the most random collection of B-list celebrities since The “New Years Eve” movie. Ireland Baldwin, Sophia Bush, the gay singer from Glee, the guy from Portlandia and people who have never been featured on the Internet before are all in the video. They all have their own pet projects or issues that they want you to vote for. Then Lil Jon comes back and – spoiler alert – says he's voting for the legalization of marijuana.

This whole voting thing is actually pretty chill, especially if I get to smoke with Lil Jon and rave in a voting booth.


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