LGBT Iranians Featured In Moving Visual Poem: “I Have Always Been Here”

1. A short poem has been set to visuals in a powerful YouTube video produced by the International Gay And Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC).

2. The poem, “I” by J.D. Kamran, brings to life the struggle of LGBT people towards recognition, visibility, and acceptance in the Iranian community.

3. Striking visuals accompany a reading of the poem.

I have always been here
In the black and white of stories
I have always been here
Here, in the empty frame of pictures

I have always been here
In the hidden closet of poetry
In the broken crystal of moments

I have always been here
Not in the pit stoned to death
Not on the gallows
Not in death
I have always been here, in life

Listen to the sound of my voice
Hear my call
Recognize me
I have always been here

7. You can also hear the poem in Persian. Below is the full english version:

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