Lady Gaga’s ‘G.U.Y.’ Music Video: 12 Minutes of Eyebrow-Raising Oddities

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Oh Gaga, you inspire/frighten us so.

The Mother Monster dropped her new music video — ahem, excuse us, “ArtPop film” — Saturday on NBC, and it’s a doozy. The almost 12-minute video focuses on her single “G.U.Y.,” but also features a medley of other tunes like “Manicure” and “Venus.”

The film experience begins with Lady Gaga as a wounded bird-woman hybrid who has been shot down with an arrow. She drags herself to Heart Castle to endure some type of ancient Greek-like water-dancing religious rebirthing ceremony, which Bravo’s Andy Cohen and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills preside over.

(The strangest part about all this may be housewife Lisa Vanderpump’s off-beat tambourine playing.)

Then there’s some messy subplot in which Gaga resurrects Michael Jackson, who is recreated in Legos, which proves Gaga knows what sells on Tumblr.

And we’d be seriously amiss to not mention the four-minute rolling credits section, which makes sure to give special shout-outs to the “male models/clones” and “historic maintenance” staff the pop star had on call.

So presented without (further) ado:


Image: Tumblr, marraphy


Image: Tumblr, marraphy


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