Kids Must Choose Between A Gift For Their Families Or A Gift For Themselves

Christmas is a special time of year but it seems to me sometimes like it’s losing it’s meaning. So many kids now just seem to demand presents for themselves and even throw tantrums if they don’t get the things they want. It’s sad that there are kids so spoiled out there, because there are also thousands of kids from low-income backgrounds who may not even have a tree, let alone a present to put under it.

In this video from UPtv, several children from low-income families were faced with the most difficult choice of their lives. They were presented with two Christmas gifts: one item that was on their ultimate wish list (such as toys, video games, laptops, etc,) and one item that was something for their family (such as a coffee maker or jewelry). It clearly wasn’t an easy choice to make, but remarkably, every single one of them chose their family over themselves. Even more remarkably, very few of them actually hesitated in making that choice, despite the temptation. As one little boy so eloquently put it “Your family matters. Not LEGOS, not toys … your family.” If that doesn’t melt your heart, I don’t know what will. 

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