Kids Bug The F*ck Out When Parents Say They Ate All The Halloween Candy (Video)

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Every Halloween for the past three years, funny man Jimmy Kimmel has challenged parents to prank their children by pretending they ate all of the Halloween candy.

This year, Kimmel received over 1,000 hilarious videos showcasing the kids’ devastated responses to the not-so-sweet news.

Once again, he created a compilation of the best entries, and it’s easily one of the funniest Halloween videos I’ve seen this year.

Some children maintain their composure, some scream like torture victims, and one even angrily (and very seriously) tells his mother to “get out.” You’ll be crying from laughter by the time the clip is over.

Entertainment factor aside, the parents of these angry little nuggets now have a pretty good idea of what they have to look forward to when their kids hit puberty.

To which we say: Best of luck!

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