Kid Passes Out Immediately After Joining Performer Onstage (Video)

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Little kids love being the center of attention because they love doing things most people will only tolerate when your age can be expressed in single digits. Hogging the spotlight is one of those things.

I’m assuming the kid in this video was really excited to get on stage, and I’m also going to assume what happened to him once he got there was the result of that excitement and not a medical condition. I’d feel really bad if the latter was the case.

I don’t think the performer in the video feels the same way because, based on his reaction, he was less concerned about the status of the unconscious child on stage and more concerned about the number of people not looking at him.

I’ll admit that I’m unsure of the proper reaction in this case, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t involve jumping around and hoping the situation resolves itself.

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