Justin Bieber Pees in Bucket, Proclaims Hatred of Bill Clinton, Respectively


Justin Bieber has peed into a restaurant mop bucket in an unidentified restaurant in NYC last night. The Biebs, who had to have been fucking wasted, also screamed “FUCK BILL CLINTON” for no apparent reason whatsoever. I bet you could sell that pee to some tween girls who would forego their college tuitions for a bath in that stuff. 

Also J, what's with the angst against Bill Clinton? Do you feel a rivalry over his female fan base that think he's hot? Are you upset that he's pro-choice? Are you against his imposition of the Rambouillet Agreement in the Balkans? 

Now normally this sort of douchey behavior is unsurprising among nineteen year old douchebags, but come on Justin. Pull it together. There apparently are some times when you should say never and one of those times is when one of your asshole friends suggest urinating on video when you're the head of a billion dollar music empire. 

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