Just in From Germany: An Ode to a Sexy Supermarket



German artist Friedrich Liechtenstein takes a milk bath in a strange new ad.
Video: YouTube, Edeka

Facebook isn’t the only company afraid of being perceived as uncool.

Edeka, the largest supermarket chain in Germany, apparently has the same worry. In an attempt to update its image, Edeka enlisted Berlin-based artist Friedrich Liechtenstein to appear in an ad. Liechtenstein rises to the occasion, singing “super sexy, super easy, super cool” as he dances through the aisles.

In the three-minute clip, Liechtenstein appears everywhere — in a couple’s bed, at an old ladies’ tea party and at a children’s birthday party. All the while, he’s singing the synth-heavy “Supergeil,” the title of which may be translated from German as “super-horny” or “super-hot” or just “super-good.” (The tune isn’t new; the Soundcloud of the song dates back to 2012.)

Later, the artist is joined by a group of young women dressed as Edeka employees, but in the robotic manner of the women from Robert Palmer’s classic “Addicted to Love” video.

Edeka is apparently confident in its approach. In addition to posting the video above, which was up to around 380,000 views at the time of writing, the chain has also tapped Liechtenstein for other videos, like the one below. Edeka appears unable to get him to remove his shades, though.

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