Journos salivate over FLOTUS designer Thom Browne!/MeenalMistry/status/293361131446210561

Thom Browne's coat and dress for Michelle Obama are both made of silk jacquard based on a necktie fabric, custom made for the First Lady.

— Eric Wilson (@ericwilsonsays) January 21, 2013

Just spoke to Thom Browne: "It's one of those moments when I just can't believe that happened."

— Eric Wilson (@ericwilsonsays) January 21, 2013

Bangs, no, but that Thom Browne coat? Yes. Very yes. #MOBAMA

— Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) January 21, 2013

Thom Browne coat and dress! RT @adena_andrews: I need to know where Michelle Obama's jacket/dress is from!

— Miko Horn (@MikoHorn) January 21, 2013

Love that what the First Lady is wearing is already trending on twitter. (And they're all so CHIC!)

— Alison Pegg (@alison_pegg) January 21, 2013

#inaugurationABC7 Thom Browne suit on First Lady!! Ha she went funky and expensive. Gotta love her sense of style.

— Dave Evans (@daveevansabc7) January 21, 2013

Mainstream journalists are salivating over First Lady Michelle Obama’s Inauguration Day outfit, designed by Thom Browne.

The designer dissed the First Lady’s style a few years ago. Guess it got her attention.

Thom Browne quote from @WSJ mag piece in 2010: "Obama could be dressed so much better." #inaug2013

— Elizabeth Holmes (@EHolmesWSJ) January 21, 2013

Browne’s name was trending on Twitter this morning. Who is Thom Browne? Well, he’s known for designs like these.

Our earlier post about hijab inspired designs by Thom Browne, worn by Mrs. O today.

— Elif Kavakci (@HijabiTopia) January 21, 2013

Browne first earned attention after designing Pee Wee Herman-style shrunken suits like these.


Fortunately, the president said no to a Thom Browne suit or his mom jeans.

Oh, and in case you were wondering where to shop for Thom Browne and how much, you will not find these pieces at the thrift shop.

@AngryBlackLady @NerdyWonka On Saturday I saw a Thom Browne plaid sportcoat for spring at Barney's. $2,900.

— ScottHenriksenFinley (@ScottyBurberry) January 21, 2013

@GoBrooklyn I have a few Thom Browne menswear pieces. They are amazing but also ridic expensive.

— ScottHenriksenFinley (@ScottyBurberry) January 21, 2013

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