John Oliver Had The Perfect Reason For Why Americans Don’t Like Soccer (Video)

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John Oliver tried his best to explain soccer and the way English football’s multi-tiered system of leagues works to David Letterman.

He attempted to describe how a number of teams in the lower leagues could move all the way to the top of that pyramid, the English Premier League and vice versa.

And he also tried to explain, albeit with a few inaccuracies, why, despite relegation and promotion systems, certain teams’ places are virtually cemented at the top of the Premier League. In this case, money ultimately leaves no hope for any team outside of an elite group to ever win a title.

Oliver did his best to clarify everything about the sport, but he couldn’t do it without arriving at the question that has, and probably always will, kept some Americans from ever getting into the game: What’s the point?

H/T: Huffington Post

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