John F. Kennedy, Caroline and Raggedy Ann on a walk, ca. 1962

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11 responses to “John F. Kennedy, Caroline and Raggedy Ann on a walk, ca. 1962”

  1. Thrishmal says:

    Gah, Raggedy Ann, why so lazy?

  2. MakingMoneyGettingBitchesJustKidding says:

    Old school cool.

  3. iamthisguy247 says:

    Going for a nice stroll past a Grassy Knoll.

  4. MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:

    Good to see they scoped him out.

  5. etu001 says:

    And the secret service.

  6. firstworldproblems87 says:

    Fuckin ann would never stay put.

  7. thaxted2imgur says:

    Back and to the left Raggedy Ann is so sad.

  8. Sayingwhatyourethinking says:

    There is a whole fuckload of dapper going on here

  9. Bear144 says:

    I read raggedy as tragedy ONLY because it’s a Kennedy picture and that word just jumps to mind.

  10. EveryCat says:

    Jesus, someone hold that little girl’s hand! She’s the president’s fucking daughter for Christ sake. Surprised she didn’t get snatched up.

  11. wandergeist says:

    Now US Ambassador to Japan. Raggedy Ann, I mean.

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