JJ Watt Mic’d Up During A Touchdown Catch Is Too Epic (Video)

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Let’s get one thing straight. If JJ Watt isn’t your favorite player in the NFL by now, he should be.

The 25-year-old Houston Texan is one of the most impressive superstars of the decade and despite playing defense, he’s caught five touchdowns this year as a tight end.

That’s more than (or equal to) the number of touchdowns some of the biggest stars have accounted for so far this season.

JJ caught his most recent TD last Sunday in a huge win over the Titans, where a mic’d up segment truly put into perspective how great of a player he is.

From forcing the fumble on a sack, to recovering the ball himself, barely any time is wasted before he goes right back out to the field to score for his team.

Watching JJ Watt play on Sundays is witnessing greatness in its finest form.

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