Jimmy Kimmel Got John Krasinski Back For His Hilarious Christmas Pranks (Video)

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Sweet angel John Krasinski was recently targeted by prank terrorist Jimmy Kimmel and, thank the stars above, survived.

On Tuesdays episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! the pair briefly reminisced on their four-year prank war.

Although this year was the hosts turn as mastermind, Krasinski allegedly stole his thunder by playing three adorable Christmas pranks.

Kimmel retaliated with a prank that, frankly, is going to make the tall, handsome precious gift of an actors Wednesday sort of inconvenient.

To top it off, Kimmel doused Krasinskis baby-soft skin in eggnog like a total monster.

Look at this poor, gentle, eggnog-covered face.

Shame on you, Jimmy Krampus. Shame. On. You.

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