Jennifer Lawrence Actually Answered If She Would ‘Tap’ Justin Bieber (Video)

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Jennifer Lawrence having a firm decision on whether or not shed hook up with Justin Bieber proves, once again, she is just like all of us normal people.

Man or woman, at some point in your life, youve thought to yourself a question every human on this planet has seriously asked him or herself: If the opportunity ever came up, would you bump uglies with Justin Bieber?

STOP DENYING IT! Youve thought about how you’d react to potentially sealing the deal with J Biebs, and youre lying to yourself and everyone around you if you claim otherwise.

Weve all thoughtup crazy scenarios in our heads — mine involves a broken tour bus next to an apple orchard I would hypothetically own — that would lead to this, and weve all tried to navigate what wed do if that scenario ended witha sweet n soft no-strings-attached hookup sesh with Bieber.

Jennifer Lawrence has clearly thought of this before, and she gave her firm answer on Watch What Happens: Live with Americas moderator, Andy Cohen.

Based on the way she responded to the question, I dont think shes ever been more sure of anything in her entire life.

While she may not be giving the goods over to Justin, there is one small-time Hollywood star she would, and has,locked lips with. You’ve probably never heard of him, though.

His name isLiam Hemsworth,and like, he’s not even that hunky looking at all or whatever.

So like, it’s not an Earth-shattering deal, OK?!?! OK! Back off! I’m not sweating just thinking of his name. YOU ARE.

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