Jelly Bean Successfully Fields 40+ Voice Searches

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Eager to get your hands on a Jelly Bean-powered phone or tablet? If not, this may persuade you.

This video shows Jelly Bean performing more than 40 successful searches based on voice commands. The maker of the video, who is identified as “JLeshere,” throws all kinds of tricky questions and commands at his Galaxy Nexus, including “listen to Real Estate [the band],” “Is it going to rain tomorrow?” and “When is Mother’s Day in 2014,” all of which the device performs flawlessly.

A Google fan, JLishere writes that he wanted to display voice command features that Google didn’t highlight at I/0.

It’s possible the video may have been doctored, but if not, this represents a big challenge to Apple’s Siri, which was recently found to be wrong about 38% of the time according to a test by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster.

Meanwhile, we did our own Jelly Bean vs. Siri test and found no clear winner.

Of course, the point may be moot if the current ban on the sale of the Galaxy Nexus, driven by copyright complaints from Apple, holds.

What do you think? Did this video change your mind about Jelly Bean? Siri? Let us know in the comments.

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