I’ve Been Folding Shirts Like A Chump For Years. This Way Is Easy And PERFECT. Just Watch.

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We’ve all seen those videos online of someone using a piece of cardboard to perfectly fold a t-shirt, but using that huge piece of cardboard just seems so cumbersome. Surely there must be an easier way to fold a t-shirt and having it look like the ones in the store? Well you’re in luck, this video below will show you exactly how to fold like the pros.

Seriously, after watching this video you’re so going to impress bored strangers at the laundromat next week.

Now if watching these two super easy (and one very magical) tips still doesn’t have you folding a t-shirt properly, then folding tip #4 is what you need: Just wad up those shirts and shove them in a drawer.

Source: Handimania

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