Iraqi TV Parodies ISIS In Bizarre And Hilarious Music Video (Video)

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Baghdad has expanded its attack on the Islamic State to the TV screen in the form of a show parodying the militant group.

Sunday saw the premiere of “The Superstitious State,” advertised in a trailer that has been playing for weeks, Raw Story reports.

Created by the state-run Iraqiya TV, the show’s first trailer pokes fun at the outrageous but widespread belief that the Islamic State was created by the US, Israel and several Gulf nations like Qatar.

It begins with a cowboy, clearly representing America, riding a horse to meet his friend, the Devil.

The Devil then marries a Jewish princess who goes on to lay an egg from which the founder of the Islamic State emerges.

Accompanying the bride is a woman dressed in the signature bright green pantsuit of Sheikha Mozah, the first lady of Qatar.

Also joining the fun are the Joker, Dracula and other Satanic characters seeming to stress the lunacy of the aforementioned conspiracy theory.

The original trailer was taken down, however, when the US began increasing its efforts to eliminate the militant group.

In addition to the initial obstacles, the show’s future seems uncertain because many involved are concerned with what ISIS might do to get revenge for the mockery.

H/T: Raw Story

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