If You See A Raccoon Doing This…Go Inside And Call Animal Control

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You don’t hear about many people passing away from rabies in the U.S. but that’s because most Americans know the warning signs. But amazingly, more than 160 people die each day from the disease worldwide.

Typically, the viral infection is spread from one wild animal to another by bites or scratches. Animals suffering from rabies exhibit hyper-aggression, which is by design, as it helps the disease spread. The virus also causes increased saliva production which manifests as foaming at the mouth.

If you suspect that an animal near you is rabid, stay away and get indoors as quickly as possible.

That’s exactly what these people did. I feel for this poor raccoon…

Even though there’s a vaccine for rabies, you should still stay away from all rabid animals, or any animals you suspect are infected.

Don’t forget to call animal control if you see any wildlife exhibiting strange behaviors.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/raccoon-rabies/

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