If You Don’t Wash Your New Clothes Before Wearing Them, You REALLY Should See This

One of the joys of getting new clothes, is going home and wearing them straight-away.

We all cannot wait to slither into those brand new pair of jeans or throw on that super crisp shirt we just purchased. But while the clothes are brand new, and appear to be as clean as can be, the reality is they did not just come off some assembly line and fall right onto hangers. They have been handled by a whole lot of people. That means theres been a ton of hands all over your brand new garment. This doesnt include all the potential people who have tried on the garment before you.

It turns out this can be so bad that infectious diseases can actually pass through the clothing, as well as lice! This comes from Dr. Donald Belsito, a professor of dermatology at Columbia University. He adds that it should be mandatory to wash things, at minimum once, but a double wash wouldnt be a bad idea for some items. The dermatologist said the following: “In terms of hygiene, it’s a very good thing to do. Being a dermatologist, I’ve seen examples of some strange stuff, so I don’t take any chances.”

But it turns out that theres another important reason to wash prior to wearing: the dyes and formaldehyde resins used in clothing production. This is actually the main reason you should wash new clothes.

Apparently its the azo-aniline dyes used for coloring on synthetic fabrics. Wrinkle free items also contain Urea formaldehyde which can cause irritation or something much worse if you are allergic to it.

Its not just new clothes that should be washed, its our regular clothes which we should wash regularly. Its a myth that jeans only need to be washed once every few months. Have a lab test done on your denims and youll be washing them every week!

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