If Tinder Advertised Like eHarmony, Random Sex Would Almost Look Cute (Video)

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In their newest video, the folks behind YouTube comedy channel Scotch Moses hilariously tackle an ever-popular subject among Millennials: Tinder.

Modeled after the classic eHarmony commercials (if you don’t remember them, watch one here), this faux commercial for Tinder features users singing the praises of the hook-up app and explaining (in very blunt terms) what they like best about it.

For example, one woman says,

For the first time in a while, I’ve found someone I can bone and never speak to again!

After a few satisfied testimonies from “real users,” the app’s (again, fake) CEO appears on the screen to discuss the app’s success, explaining, “at Tinder, we use a scientific system to help you find someone who is just looking to f*ck.”

It’s hilarious because both the “testimonials” and the fake CEO’s descriptions paint a completely accurate picture of the app, but we doubt Tinder would ever advertise itself like this.

Everyone knows Tinder is just for sex — why not advertise it honestly?

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