How to unclog your toilet without need for plunger

There are few worse feelings in the world than when you find yourself at a date’s house and somehow – you clog the toilet.

Then there’s the whole covert ops to try and unclog it without anyone finding out it’d been clogged in the first place and… you get the picture. Unfortunately we can’t think of a way to make that situation less awkward, but when it happens at home there’s a trick you can use try and allow the clog to work itself out, without having to use a plunger. The only problem this method has is that it’ll leave your toilet bowl out of commission for around a half-hour, so make sure you’ve prepared!

As he said, it’s not always guaranteed to work but it does have the potential to unclog those built up ones such as when there’s too much toilet paper, etc. Obviously this is the more appealing option for those out there whom don’t want to splash themselves with poo-water while working the plunger, but it DOES clean the bowl for you in the process – which is awesome.

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