How to inflate an air matress without a pump.

It’s happened to all of us at some point where you’re out camping or you just end up needing to sleep on an air mattress while you’re in-between beds.

It’s not an ideal situation unless you’re out camping, but if you’ve forgotten the pump you know you could be sitting there for a while just filling the d*** thing up with your breath alone. Obviously that’s not the ideal pre-bed activity you were hoping form but one that’s easier to remedy than you might think – just make sure you bring along a large trash bag or two (which you should either way)!

The process is simple enough; first you fill up the trash bag with nothing but air and you trap it, then you secure the opening of the bag around the nozzle of the mattress and ensure the air has a route to get into it and finally you lay on the bag. If you can’t tell just how much faster this would be than expelling your breath then you must not have used very many of these…

It’s definitely a trick I’ll be using whenever I’m stuck without a pump – would you?

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