How a human face forms in the womb [pictures and video]

During the second and third month of gestation, a baby’s face comes together like a puzzle. Here are several still shots from an animation of the process created for the BBC’s show “Inside the Human Body”…

And here’s the clip these come from…

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4 responses to “How a human face forms in the womb [pictures and video]”

  1. Scott says:

    Word Salad! The person you replied to did not mention Dawkins, nor evolution. Yet you felt it necessary to bring him up in order to puke out that immense load of pseudo intellectual bullshit to knock him down.Are you a preacher or a politician?

  2. Øyvind says:

    Who needs God when you have morphogenic substances. The magic of reality surpasses everything.

  3. Amy says:

    What Oyvind said.

  4. Casey says:

    Anyone else get the whiff of Dawkins that just blew through here?Richard Dawkins scientific method is good; however, his epistemological foundations are shaky. Granted, he is an engaging writer with a sharp wit, but what he offers is an evolutionary explanation of a particular form of intellectual development, serenely unware of how that explanation applies just as much to him as to anyone else. The thought never even crosses his mind. But I can’t fault him for this really. If he is (accidentally) right, there is no such thing as a mind to cross!

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