HootSuite Adds Real-Time Chat to Dashboard

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Social media management tool HootSuite integrated real-time chat onto users’ dashboards Wednesday with the release of HootSuite Conversations, calling the free addition an “epic release” for businesses.

HootSuite Conversations encourages collaboration among employees who switch back and forth between HootSuite’s dashboard and their emails. Now, HootSuite allows any HootSuite user with an email address to start group conversations within the dashboard without having to switch over to his or her email client.

“We wanted to create a private channel to have conversations to increase efficiency and improve return on investment,” CEO Ryan Holmes tells Mashable.

To start a private conversation in HootSuite, users must click on the speech bubble icon on the top right corner of their dashboard. Users then invite co-workers or import their Gmail contacts.

HootSuite listed these examples of how companies of all sizes can use Conversations, which is in beta:

  • CEOs, VPs or team leads can choose to share pre-approved messaging within groups, generating discussion and encouraging members to broadcast select messages to their own social networks.

  • Pushing existing tweets and updates into a group conversation happens in real time; avoiding lengthy and sometimes confusing email threads.

  • Collaborating in groups through HootSuite Conversations is infinitely scalable. An unlimited number of team members or external HootSuite users can be invited to join a social conversation with their internal or external organization.

  • Support teams can rally around IT issues or common questions.

  • Marketing and public relations teams can collaborate around campaigns and content.

  • Sales teams can discuss strategy or industry specific themes.

  • Research and development teams can share findings aimed toward common goals.

Users can “Like,” retweet or use the “Amplify” feature to broadcast a message to executives, colleagues, contractors, interns and clients, HootSuite says. Free, Pro and Enterprise users can access Conversations.

Do you think this is an internal communication tool you would use where you work? Let us know.

Read more: http://mashable.com/2012/09/26/hootsuite-conversations-real-time-chat/

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