Heated knife for spreading cold butter

I, for one, prefer my butter to balance on my bread in little cold chunks that I can chew. If, however, you’re among the majority who prefer it to be evenly spread and melted on your toast, then the new ToastieKnife from Warburtons may be just what you’re looking for.

Turn it on, wait 30 seconds, and the blade will be 41.8 degrees celcius — 107 degrees Fahrenheit — which, according to the designers of this nifty gadget is the optimum temperature for spreading…

(via The Daily What)

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4 responses to “Heated knife for spreading cold butter”

  1. Lee Shelton says:

    How well does it work? Like a hot knife through butter. (Oh, come on. You were thinking the same thing.)

  2. Instructions for use:1. Take the butter out of the fridge. 2. Form your hand into a fist. 3. Punch yourself in the head for keeping butter in the fridge.

  3. 5ickFude says:

    If you leave butter out, it *will* spoil – that bright yellow color is spoiled butter – fresh butter is pale yellow. The best solution is a butter bell – keep air from making the butter stale and keeps it at room temperature and spreadable. Margarine is not food and shouldn’t be consumed under ANY condition.

  4. Marney says:

    Is this a joke?

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