He’s Trying To Leave The Barn – But The Horse’s Response Made Everyone Burst Into Laughter

This horse is in absolute heaven!

If youve ever received an awesome neck or back massage then you can totally relate to this situation. It feels so good, you never want it to end. Such was the case with this hilarious horse who was getting his long neck rubbed. Imagine if you kept pulling the masseur back after they were finished with your massage to demand just a few minutes more. While we wouldnt be able to get away with it, animals can, and this horse proves it.

The horse is enjoying his neck rub so much that he does not want it to end. So every time this guy starts to walk away, this huge horse grabs him with his head and pulls him back in saying, hey buddy, youre not done yet as he becomes very animated, outstretching his neck, showing how much he is feeling it. This is a great capture showing some very funny animal and human neck scratching interaction!

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