He Had A Seizure In The Middle Of His First Solo Skydive…And He Barely Survived

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When people think of trying skydiving, not many folks go and seek approval from their doctors before signing up. Still, even if you do get approval from a medical professional, that’s no guarantee of safety, as 22-year-old Australian Christopher Jones learned the hard way.

Jones was participating in an accelerated free fall program and had been cleared by his doctor to do so. However, around 9,000 feet, he had a seizure and lost consciousness. Luckily, his jump instructor (who was also wearing a helmet camera) managed to get to Jones in time to pull his parachute around 4,000 feet. He regained consciousness near 3,000 feet and was able to land safely.

Still, that doesn’t make the ordeal any less harrowing. You can check out the footage from his near-death experience below…

(via CNN)

Jones was also wearing two automatic activation devices (AADs) that would have released his parachute if the instructor had failed to reach him. Still though, talk about a terrifying experience.

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